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This site has been created by Lynne Ryan to share activities, tutorials and useful web sites.

Whats New
On Specialbites you will find switch games to download and now tons of 'online switch games' which are also great on a touchscreen and for learning early mouse skills.

Activity Downloads
This page has activities that I have created and also some from my colleagues.
Programs included are: Classroom Suite, Clicker 5, Powerpoint, Communicate in Print, Boardmaker, Flash.

Clicker 5 Activities

As the name says Clicker 5 Activities already for use.

Help Documents & Tutorials

These documents have bee created by various people who support Students With Difference.
Lynne Ryan, Chery Wells, Greg O'Connor, Anne Kelly, L Banfield and Jaane Millar. Other documents have been downloaded from various Web Sites. If there is something that you have created please let me know so I can give you recognition.

Picture Recipes

These were created at Devonport High School to assist students in their regular cooking classes.

Priory Woods Videos Revamped

For many students, access to the computer requires the use of some assistive input device such as a switch or a touch screen. Priory Woods has developed a range of motivating programs to help students develop the skills needed to use these devices in a meaningful way. Switch 'videos' are simple slideshows animations set to music which can be operated by switch or touch-screen. They feature sounds and images from popular music and TV shows and can be used with pupils of all ages.

After using Priory Woods videos with students I felt that they could be improved by making them stop after a few seconds and getting the student to press their mouse or switch to continue. I have combined 3 movies into one activity for students to make choices. Also I have removed the choice of switch or touch screen menu so students can use activities without assistance.

Useful Links

This page is where you will find links to lots of different web sites that I think are useful. If you have any that you use with students please let me know.