Boobah *
There's no easy way to describe this site but i'll try: A wonderful collection of very colourful flash activities that interact with mouse clicks. A front screen takes you to lots of different things to explore and do. I like the synchronised blob dancing best. Go see.

Fireworks *
The premise is simple - clicking anywhere with your mouse (or setting a switch to emulate a left mouse click) will produce a satisfying and never ending stream of fireworks. Great for early, simple mouse / touch screen/ whiteboard work or paired activities between mouse and switch users. Thanks to May and Frank who have given permission for us add this link.

More Fireworks *
If you liked the previous fireworks link and want more, this is for you. Same thing, more colours... Great for early, simple mouse/ interactive whiteboard / touch screen work or paired activities between mouse and switch users

Knee Bouncers *
Knee Bouncers are designed for a younger audience, but make wonderful switch/early keyboard activities with simple cartoon graphics and sound effects. Choose from 'Underwater Adventure' (any key press gets an animation); 'Guitar, Piano and Drums' - any key press generates a sound - fantastic for switch group work; 'Jump & Float', and 'Peekaboo' are great for sustaining holding down a switch or key - the longer you hold the key down the longer you see the picture; 'Balloons, Bubbles & Flowers' is a nice sensory activity where each key/switch press creates a bubble that floats upwards then pops satisfyingly. Lastly, there's 'All Aboard' when a train chugs into view and each key/switch press animates a bit of the train. My favourite is Jump & Float - but you be the judge.

Ninja Balloons *
A great game for introducing the mouse or learning to press and hold a switch with a partner. Instructions are on the site so I won't go into them here. Needless to say it's easy to play with a nice colourful screen and tons of levels. Have fun.

SENSwitcher is a suite of programs designed to help teach early ICT skills to people with profound and multiple learning difficulties, those who need to develop skills with assistive input devices and very young children new to computers. It is, we believe the first time anyone anywhere has developed an online switch enabled application which targets ICT skills from purely experiential through cause and effect, switch building, timed activation, targeting and row scanning.

Shiny Learning
All the games can be played by switch, keyboard or mouse. Play online or download.