Jackson Pollock - Create some Abstract Art *
Thanks to Charlie Danger for telling us about this beautiful site. Use your mouse, headpointer, rollerball or joystick (or finger on a touch screen / whiteboard) to create the next masterpieces of the art world. To change colour click your mouse etc. This is a brilliantly simple program with no confusing buttons or distractions. Have fun.

Make a snow flake *
This is brilliant. Use your mouse, touchscreen or whiteboard to touch falling snowflakes, or move on to the more creative business of 'cutting' out symmetrical shapes to make your own, unique snowflake. Check The Map's shoddy effort is gallery number 10539500 but we're sure you can do a lot better! When you're satisfied with your snowflake, you can print it off as a jpeg for all sorts of uses. Thanks to David Fettes for pointing us in the direction of this addictive resource.

Mr Picasso Head *
I love this - create your own Picasso portrait by dragging and dropping with a mouse, touch screen or IWB. Then authentically sign your masterpiece. Massive thanks to Mandy Griffin of Southview School for sourcing this.

Sticky Art from the Blueman website *
Now it's not just paint you can chuck into your own collage - but marshmallows, crunchy bits, jell-o, balloons and twinkies (what are they?). This excellent, interactive site gives your mouse / switch / touch screen users the chance to make their own artwork and send it to their friends. We're not admitting which one in the gallery belongs to Check The Map but know you'll do considerably better. Incidentally, marshmallows and crunchy bits only stick to something sticky.... enjoy. Many thanks to Trish Davidson for this great find.